Need some fast, effective wordsmithing? QuickEdit is a virtual team of veteran editors ready to assist you immediately  with all of your professional and personal writing needs. We are your out-sourced, on-call, personal wordsmiths — ready to save you from yourself!

Skilled in different types of content, styles, and writing purposes, our team is spread across U.S. time zones and can work with you as night owls or morning larks.

Whatever your written material — marketing, legal, academic, scientific, technical, or autobiographical — QuickEdit can help. No job is too large or too small. We work with you as technicians, consultants, or both:

As Technicians, we edit typos, grammar, word use, punctuation, and sentence structure. We correct style inconsistency, redundancy, and poor phrasing. We remove confusing and contradictory content and repair sloppy formatting. As Consultants, we rewrite and reorganize material for clarity, brevity, accuracy, and alignment with your business/non-profit purpose. We highlight business issues presented by your copy and help you improve your writing skills.
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Please contact us, by phone or email, and let us help you create the
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quick, accurate, expert editing and writing.