Ode to the Typographical Error

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The typographical error is a slippery thing and sly; You can hunt till you are dizzy, but it somehow will get by. ’Till the forms are on the press, it is strange how still it keeps. It shrinks down in a corner, and it never stirs or peeps – That typographical error, too small for human eyes – ’Till the ink is on the paper, when it grows to mountain size. The boss, he stares with horror, then he grabs his hair and groans; The copyreader...

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The Boulder Mountain Tour

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Sun Valley, Idaho, where I live, hosts The Boulder Mountain Tour each year, a 32-mile cross-country ski race that draws elite skate-skiers from around the world. It took place this morning on a gloriously perfect windless day of sun and the just-right temperature.  What I saw: The Boulder Tour Thin winged, variegated, sleek, the White-Bibbed Gliders swoop and arc along snow-draped ground. Dots and dashes through brown, bare trees, these...

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