QuickEdit offers you a small, select team of writers and editors in love with words, language, and the craft of communication. We have honed that love over the years through careers in business consulting, marketing, coaching, journalism, and editing.

quickeditJIMA RICE, PH.D. is the founder and head scribe of QuickEdit. A business consultant and psychologist, Jima has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to help them craft their visions, missions, and strategic plans. She has written corporate presentations, website content, seminars, marketing materials, a column on entrepreneurs, and an award-winning weekly e-letter for small businesses. “I think of words as puzzle pieces to be assembled artfully and accurately to most effectively convey a person’s ideas.”

Jima lives in Sun Valley, Idaho where her umbrella organization, Rice Consulting, is based.  Her virtual team of writers is based in Sun Valley, Boise, and New York City.

       “Finds a blasted error every time she looks at anything!!”

“Don’t print anything until Jima checks it – you’ll wish you hadn’t.”